Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What is this broker...
Gold - hit trailing SL... 40pips huhu...then they move a lot to down there.
GY - +150 pips. Alhamdulillah.

will see this night, whether there is other setup for Gold. My mode is SELL only for Gold at the moment. yearghhhhh....

GY....i'll continue SELL mode until May 1st.
happy trading to all.
Make your trading easier. Wanna learn with me ???? hmmmm i got many message on when i'm going to conduct another gathering a.k.a learning session. Be patient yehh....i'll announce later. But i don't know when. hehe sabar je lahhhhhhh

Monday, April 27, 2009

GY - +150pips
Gold - +40pips (hit SL at BE+40pips) cis cis cis......

it's look like the gold want to go down again, so I put Sell now.
GY....looks hard to penetrate 140.00 area....the price hold. So we wait until it breaks this area ok...

good luck traders. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guys, this is continuation of my yesterday's post. This time in graphic. hope you'll analyze it yourself for your own good trading. Cheers
My analysis are as follows:
GY - down
GU- down
Gold - up
EU - up

Saturday, April 25, 2009

it's April 25th today,
we still got about 4 day to trade in April 2009.
Account 1 (Mine) - + 300pips
Account 2 (mywife) - +375pips
Join Account(me & Asfa) - +80pips

GY, GU still in downtrend mode.
Gold - uptrend continue.
correlation that we have here.....Gold up, GU down. Gold down, GU up. will see it further.

Friday, April 24, 2009

my Gold position hit SL -1000pips... ooops.
not impressive at all today.....

My Sell on GY, still floating...not hit SL, not hit TP (very near..but not hit) cis cis cis....i was away during that time.Ikan bakar time.

nevermind. The MM that i followed had help me to face this situation. Overall this month is still far in +ve.
Keep it up bujal38 - chewahhhhh...kasi smangat kat diri sendiri.

my account with Insta is back to normal (half actually). They dont want to reverse auto close, force close of my trades which result of some losses- premature losses, which not hit SL..but should hit TP on that day. Nevermind, as long i got back my money and permitted to trade again.

my position on the contest...still struggling at position no 4xx. hehe...the trader all over the world is more talented than me, the daily tf trader.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

SELL on GY and GU is proven fruitful
however, on Gold - it doesn't.

I saw a turning point on gold and take it as a BUY signal at 875.00. Lets ride it until next signal come in.
Feel free to drop some message in my chat box. Happy trading to all.

Today hint :
it's a SELL bias on GY, GU, EU & EY. use your eyes & brain wisely.

update (using email!):
GY - now riding +10pips, trade free.
Gold - buy proven fruitful..yearghhh go go go.
i trade this two at the moment hehe

Monday, April 20, 2009

will they go south?
my eyes see and my heart say - YES.
Trade at your on risk (TAYOR)
sengihnampakgigiEnjoy it....the daily chart of GY,GU & GOLD. Enough to make you bankrupt/MC or good enough to get your own financial freedom dream.

what is the line? it is just a 5EMA & candlestick lol....
peace How to trade it....use your eyes, and follow it. Keep MM in mind. Follow TP:SL ratio of 2:1 or 1.5:1....e.g TP200:SL100.
it wont make you rich in 1 day, but with compounding....you'll be there.(except if your strategy interrupted by broker hehe)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Salam to all,
what a week!!
the market in yoyo....same goes to my life this week
starting from Tuesday, i'm facing a very difficult week when my account was hijacked by somebody, broker closed my open position & enabled withdrawal without my permission.
but now, everything is settled & even calling from Russia to explain on this incident (but no apologize offered) . However, the experience is priceless and 1 thing i know and take action immediately is, just putting a small amount of money into this broker (i'm withdrawing almost all the money i had in account with them). I Lost my trust on them. Fortunately, my other broker Lite is still ok and serving very well & the good thing happen this week is FXDD has approved my account. Alhamdulillah.

Gold is going downtrend at last for this week after 4-5 boring day. However i don't managed to catch the move this week because of this problem.
GY - in yoyo mood, for 200-300 pips...whoever trade this pair, should catch it easily i guess.
GU - looks like this pair is going uptrend, however the bear is coming when the weekend is just around the corner. So, be careful trader.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

South or Ranging moment?

Lets see whether the Bear has come back or what......
Gold - still ranging mode. Maybe GY and GU will follow gold later ....hmmm lets see

p/s - my account with Instafx was hijacked last night together with my YM & Gmail. What the hell is this hacker. I dont disturb your life ok....
I'm here just to share my little knowledge and gain some profit in Fx and business. That's all. So please, dont disturb my life. The money you take from my account is not Halal. remember about barakah. Full stop.

what a fast U-turn from GY and GU. Whoever dont put trailing stop loss will experience SL today. Me..hit trailing SL. enough for today for 2nd account

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

while every bank in europe in holiday (easter), the price jump up and up...including gold.
so...what we re waiting for? BUY of course...GU GY EU EY and Gold.

it's BUY time

updates :
I didnt find any BUY signal as all price went south then. It's a fake North going by broker who control the market while everybody in holiday! hehe

Friday, April 10, 2009

what a boring week.... Gold movement is sooo slow this week.
move my SL (sell gold at +200pips)
I don't want to look anymore chart for this week. Holiday mean holiday ler bujal...
see you again next week.

before i end this week...i see a buy opportunity...but i think, i m not taking it...this week is a sideway week...so boring

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I closed my buy on gold at +170pips
now went short at 886.00

almost cover the lost made earlier this month.
my wife...as usual.....not so hardworking at trading...hmmm payah betul nak ngajak wife trading.
yg pelik akaun ASB nak tambah gak bulan bulan...pandai dia. xpe lahhhhh..jaga anak penat kot

9/4/09 - price now at 881.xx - move to BE +50pips
going to Kampung - holiday.

my contest account - soar back from position no 2250 to 653 position today. Will resume next week...top 10 trader all have use max 10 lot x max 5 position. I need to use that once i can to catch them at the top....kejarrrrr
I closed my buy on gold at +170pips
now went short at 886.00

almost cover the lost made earlier this month.
my wife...as usual.....not so hardworking at trading...hmmm payah betul nak ngajak wife trading.
yg pelik akaun ASB nak tambah gak bulan bulan...pandai dia. xpe lahhhhh..jaga anak penat kot
Today forecast:
I see opportunity to put Buy stop Gold at 885.00
SL & TP at your own risk.

Result yesterday:
My account : + 1015 pips
my wife account : +205 pips

Alhamdulillah, the journey continues...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

my position on Gold (buy)
925.00 (hit trailing SL) + 200
920.00 (hit SL) -1500

Be patient. April is just begun..... lets get back on track. And dont do my mistake. Forget to get into the chart for 2 day (gold chart) hehe. Peace.

I'll have some time this week to play 'hide & seek' with chart every 4hr...jeng jeng jeng...time to take back.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hi everybody senyumkenyit
I'm currently demoing some EA (expert advisor) and used it on 2 tournament account held by Instaforex. At least the effort has some gain if it find success.
The ea i'm demoing right now is:
1. EA bujal38 - my own ea
2. EA burung punai berapi - you can find it in internet with codename firebird
3. EA Fapturbo

The contest begin today and will only finish in 2010! Wow...what a marathon....hopefully this time around i can enter a top 10 position.

On FX trade.... i already took BUY position on Gold @ 925.00 and another BUY limit at 920.00
SL 1500pips below. TP hehehehe......let market decide itself

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