Monday, December 28, 2015

I haven't visit this blog for so long. I seldom post about the trading ideas neither in blog nor in FB. Just doing my own job since 2014 May till today.

Today, coincidentally, I open back this blog and found that this blog has been visited of about 40,000 times since it's starting date. Wow...... I never realize that people around is looking for information - valuable & honest information (Non Bias one).

OK. Long Story Short.
 I'm going to revamp this blog again. Make necessary adjustment and make a comeback in writing world.

I'm also now focusing on my day job (no more engineer....already got M title now hehehe).
For trading - it is already become my 2nd income and I'm doing it part time (using Daily / 4hr Chart). Sorry guys, I didnt trade FX anymore, but more focusing on FCPO & Equity. I also demoing Soy Oil & Crude Oil (Put some real trade when I feel really comfortable of it).

See you in 2016 with more fresh information and ideas!



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