Thursday, December 31, 2009

For all Muslim, Happy New Year (Hijrah calender)
For all, Happy New Year (2010)

May new year bring happiness to all.
The simple stop& reverse + martingle system shall run starting 2nd week of January 2010.
The target is 50-100% p.a and compounding.
This will be my next year project (starting with very minimal capital).

For another account,
Account #1 - The trade will be based on Gold.
Account #2 - The trade will be based on GU/GY/EY.

For those who are interested to trade Gold (Spot Gold),my advice is as follows,
1.As we all know the long term trend of Gold is uptrend, we can just stick to our prime trend and choose to find BUY signal only.

p/s - please contact me for those who had register account with Instaforex under my affiliate number HZP so i can recognize you.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ok guys,
as 2009 comes to the end, we already face some up and down in our lives as well as our trading works. Wheter we like it or not, we should take some lesson from what we have gone through and learn from it.

Please apologize me if there are any of my post that harm you or make your heart not feeling well, angry with my post etc. I am human as you. I do make mistake here and there. I am not perfect.

For next year, I have several target to meet :
1. Continue what i have started this year - updating this blog. - giving free signal as well.
2. Start 6 year plan from capital as low as USD100 - with aim of withdrawal at once a year only
3. Start write a book - i hope i can have time to do this & contribute back the profit from the sales to community.
4. Continue staring the chart @ 6-7 am in the morning and take trade if the setup is nice.
5. Be more discipline father to my 2 kids.....
6. Become a better father and husband.
7. Become a more energetic and focus subsea/underwater engineer.
8. Bring my wife & kids to travel abroad (which i plan many time but need to postpone it many times due to other more important commitment)

In our journey to become self made millionaire, there will be much more obstacles we need to face and go through. Be brave, be smart and use brain.

Use Critics to improve not to destroy.
Thank you for coming to this blog. I'll update the blog from time to time.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Salam and Good day everybody,

Good news for all of you.
I'll start write down all my notes relating to Forex & Spot Gold and print it out (hard copy). Hopefully i can finish this work by 1st quarter of 2010.

The aim for this book is for Malaysian Trader and those who interested all over the world. It is solely for long term trader and not for day trader (i will only write down what i do and what i master)

My plan is as below:
1. All the money from the sale of the book(after covering the cost of printing/shipping/other fee) will be re-invested into property/real estate investment where the gain(profit from property investment) shall be distributed back to the buyers.

Good news for martingle system fan:
The martingle system that i developed works very well....even during back test work and forward test. However i'll not reveal it for everybody (i dont want you to easily lose your hard earn money) - Let me try it for longer time.
It makes money week in week out - not too big but enough to get 100% return p.a i guess. Let see what happen to the account by end of next year(2010)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry guys,
I didn't post the signal here

The Signal should be

current position:
EY - +100 pips (already move to BE + 20 pips)
GY - +135 pips (move to BE + 30pips)
Gold - didnt trade.....i am afraid the price could make correction at no warning.

closing position:3-4/12/2009
EY : +200 pips
GY : +250 pips

happy trading to all.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trading updates:
Gold = +750 pips
GY = +80 pips
GU = no trade.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Price of GY/GU/EY all went south last week.
Let see what will happen this week as they find support area last Friday.

If it breaks the support....out we go....South (Sell mode).
Gold seem find hard resistance at the top. It may be goes down this week

However, be more cautious since this is about end of year and many traders already start their holiday.

Happy trading to all.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Salam and greetings to all,
just coming back from Terengganu.

There will be no trades next week. I'll be away - going back to Kedah (Kota Sarang Semut) and celebrating Hari Raya Eidiladha at KKB Selangor.

I see the chart will go south next week.'s just my eyesight. I don't know where traders around the world want to head the chart. South or North.

Until then, Happy Trading to all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

sell stop - Gold

happy trading to all.

Trade update:
Gy - close +30pips
GU - close - 60pips
Gold - close +150pips

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trade update:
GY - now at +60pips
Gold - Sell Stop placed
GU - Sell closed at BE+20 - SL hitted!

trade update
GY - hit SL at BE+5pips
GU - +20pips
Gold - trade not trigger

Sunday, November 8, 2009

My work schedule change at last minute yesterday, Chopper cancelled
so I'm back to KL
hopefully there will be 1-2 setup this week

I also want to try the martingle idea - using daily chart
just trying it in demo account
I dont know how to make an EA for this idea - to try whether it can works or not.
I only use my eyes for back testing.
If this is working great, then we would have trading for every day. Day in day out...with more Win and losses of course.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I read in Forum & Public chatting, some peoples like to go for martingale system. As we all know, every system is not perfect. Each of it has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Martingale mean you increase your trading lot every time your stop loss hit. choose to use martingale system which add 2x of your initial lot of trading every time it hit Stop Loss to recover back what you had loss before.
i.e - 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 0.8,1.6,3.2.....

You also can use martingale number like this : 0.1,0.2,0.3,0.6,1.2,2.4......the numbers goes up with TP bigger than SL

While the method sounds good (recover back what you'd lost before) it has it's own disadvantages:
1. You need enough capital, and start from small lot until you're comfortable with your account(become bigger)
2. You need a good system that you'd tried and cannot go more than 4x loss in a row.

I got this idea from night sleep! so i think i better write it here for sharing purposes. I think you can work it out even with account of USD100 and start grows it if you know how to play with. I want to give it a back test and try it.... every day trading maybe???

Allah (God Almighty), give us a brain to think and syukur on His gift.
Happy trading to all

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Result speak itself. If you want to open account with InstaForex, join my affiliate!

please fill in HZP in affiliate code.
psstttt this is part of the 6 Year Compounding Project Term & Condition!
I'll be away to Kuantan - attend training (Project Management) from 2-5th November 2009
Then, offshore Terengganu for some work there from 7th till finish,expected 17-18th November

till then, c ya. Good luck and happy trading.
Who want to join my 5- 6 year compounding project ?? Raise your hand!

Term and Condition as follows:
- Willing to wait for the signal - it is not everyday trading. It is a daily chart trading. We wait for good setup. We aim at 50-60 succesfull trade per year and total 300 over 5-6 years
- Signal will be provided thru email. The result will be posted here.
- Willing to set aside this trading account and not withdrawing it on frequency basis. We will only withdraw it for capital protection and once a year withdraw.
- Willing to compound the account using my strategy and table.
- Starting capital in the account - i m suggesting you to start as little as USD300.setan
- Other term & condition will be detailed out to those who re interested.

Maybe some of you may ask, how about the payment? mmmmm actually i don't set any fee. It is up to you to offer me to get into this project. It is negotiable. And further more, the fee is refundable after end of project - after 5-6 years. Interested ? I don't think you re interested. Because it is soo long and tiring work. But i know it will worth for who re patient enough. Just look at the compounding magic!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is my standing as of today. I'll try to ride this trade until it got stopped

GU : +48 pips + in trade
GY : +420 pips + in in trade
Gold : 300 + 500 + in play(+1500 pips)
total October so far : +1268 pips

Rezeki anak.....

update 28/10/09
GU - still in play
GY - still in play
Gold - close half @ 2360 pips - lets other half run @ BE+1500 pips

update 29/10/09
GU - SL 165 pips
GY - Hit TSL + 60 pips
Gold - Hit TSL + 2680 pips overall.

Total for October
GU : +48 pips - 165
GY : +420 pips + 60
Gold : 300 + 500 + 2680
total October so far : +3843 pips
close for this month......

OK gentleman,
here we are....
Gold - in +ve side - move SL to BE+1500 pips
GU - still in play, not moving to +ve yet
Gy - still in play, not moving to +ve yet

in overall, i will end this month with another thousand pips hehe
ok ok...maybe many of you have asked me, what is the value per pips. For gold, since the spread is big (100 pips spread), i use smaller lot up to maks o.1 lot . For GU and GY, i use bigger lot. That's why i use pips as standard calculation here. Don't mislead/misunderstood with the information here ok.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sorry guys,
I didnt update the thread this morning,
just came back from Kedah....visiting my family in law + my kids there (my wife berpantang there)

OK...straight to the point;
GU - Sell
GY - Sell
Gold - Sell - i got stopped +500 pips last week and now re-enter Short. in +ve side...

We will see what happen to our trades later....May the rezk with us. Insya Allah.

will show u the chart later ok....cya...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i'm waiting for the good set-up this week. 1 trade only. In Gold..another Sell off from high - reason- Divergence!

i think same goes to GU n GY later. We need a good indication before entry.. so we will wait. Being a full time Daily chart trader require a lot of patient and courage.ohhh dont forget your head level..maintain 2-3% of capital risk per trade (MM)

trade update 21/10/09
Gold - sell- currently stood at 960 pips - lock +300pips

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GOLD - didnt hit Sell stop breach the ceiling and now riding high. I didn't trade it.

happy trading to all.

update 14/10 2359 hr:
GU - +48(hit trailing SL)
GY - in the middle...waiting.....

update 15/10 2000hr
GY - riding now +350 pips, move BE+150pips
Gold - Sell stop +800 pips...will try to ride it down...

update 16/10/09
GU : +48 pips
GY : +420 pips
Gold : hit trailing SL + 300 pips
total October so far : +768 pips

Monday, October 12, 2009

I'll be very slow in trading for this month
it is because:
1. New baby born
2. 1st Son need extra care....manja la plak
3. The signal not very much 'in line' at the moment (Candle + 1 indi) - i assume they are in ranging mode.

However, if you look at gold chart today... you'll find the HARAMI-bearish... it mean..something big-bang will happen soon. I GUESS.... it will goes down. SL will be at last high or high of HARAMI.

happy trading to all.
Salam & Good Days,
10/10/2009 was my happiest day for this month. My wife delivered a baby girl at PCMC @ 2111hr. Alhamdulillah, both mother and daughter is well and in good condition.

I'm sharing this good news to all readers. May you find happiness in your life. Cheers.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Signal no.21

BUY signal

TAYOR. happy trading to all
temporary retracement maybe......

GU = +96 pips
GY = + 35 pips
all hit trailing SL

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