Saturday, October 27, 2012

See This Chart First....
Do you see what I see? The Red Line is start of May and the Blue line is start of October.
Yes. FCPO.
I'll Continue later on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy trading...
Maybe I'll pump some money to trade SOY OIL too....
Trade FCPO 1030-1800hrs, then continue with SOY OIL 2000hrs-0030hrs, then sleep....
Lets see whether I can make it or not....Target 30; SL 30....
1 points equal to USD 1

For Me,
BUY bias....maybe true, maybe not....
I cannot control the market....I follow them...

Friday, October 19, 2012

So, what is the underlying strategy?
1. Trigger Point
2. Inside Bar / Engulfing Bar 
3. 3 inside up/down / 3 upside up/down.
4. Trendline.

Happy trying. I also in paper mode for SOY OIL. But I believe this is very promising (Little bit easy compared to Crude Oil)....
In MY PERSONAL opinion...crude oil is a little bit tricky.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I just started testing my trading plan on the soy oil chart and it seem very promising. To get 20-30 pts per day is achievable (same goes to lose it out hehe).

Just take a look at the picture I post here......Not bad eh.....
however, at the moment, all of my capital is in FCPO market.
My capital means the money that I can use for trading and will not disturbed my day to day/monthly expenses / budget.

Hope you can get something from this post....happy learning.

Potential Re-test 2230 area?
Signal that appeared;
1. Hangging man
2. Inside bar
3. Rebound from fibo line.
4. Closing below MA line (short term MA)

update 19/10/2012...
Price is now testing 2520 third time. Maybe the price shall penetrate it as Soy Oil had been on uptrend for the past 3 days....
Let see what will happen.

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