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Berminat untuk belajar Teknikal Analisis khusus untuk FCPO / Komoditi ?
Saya ada menawarkan perkhidmatan pembelajaran secara PERSONAL COACH.
Proses pembelajaran akan mengambil masa selama 1 tahun, meliputi perjumpaan secara berdepan (face 2 face), tunjuk ajar secara online, trading bersama sama, dan sesi ujian.
Jika anda berminat, hantarkan:
1. Nama
2. Umur
3. Pengalaman trading
4. Dah buka akaun futures ke belum?
5. Ada modal untuk mula berniaga - minimum RM15k?
6. Nombor HP.
7. Email contact

hantar butiran ini ke : DITUTUP whatsapp to: TBA. Buat masa ni DITUTUP.

Yuran Pembelajaran - 1 tahun - RM 7 x 365 hari. Yup kurang daripada RM10 sehari. Fee ni untuk bayaran masa saya mengajar. Ilmunya percuma.

Bilangan pelajar dalam 1 tahun pun tidak akan lebih daripada 15 orang supaya saya boleh fokus mendidik - skill dan emosi pelajar menghadapi dunia trading.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hi all,
As per my technical reading last week, CPO show his momentum to go up. With some pause to market due to Christmas holiday, CPO gained momentum on Thursday and Friday.

Congratulation to all the winner. End of Year Bonus.
Next week, There is no evidence for Sell yet (on Daily and Weekly chart). So, I'll only trade on any possible retracement. Patient is the name of the game. ;p
Potential resistance 2500; 2550; 2600....

Happy New Year and Happy Trading.
 Trade at your own risk.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hi all,
I think the sign of BUY is very strong now, with divergence in most of the indicators, etc.... I may want to look for BUY button for CPO next week.

Soy Oil will be on holiday for 24,25 until 26 evening. So CPO will walk on its own path next week.
I'll find BUY whenever the signal appear.

Trade at your own risk. Happy trading.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi all,
Weekly Chart analysis - Candle - Morning Star? Pattern - Tripple bottom (2230-2200); MACD histogram show improvement for BUY

Daily Chart analysis - Candle - Engulfing Bull; tripple bottom? Most Indicators (oscillators type) showing that it is time to BUY?

I'll look for BUY opportunity at lower timeframe, if it appeared and there's no significant SELL signal on Daily tf.

Happy trading. TAYOR.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hi all,
at the moment, there is still no sign that CPO price will go up (referring to all the indicators) although seasonally, this quarter is usually a BULL market for CPO - considering weather and output from the estate.

I trade SELL with very cautious, in case market data show decreasing in stock and increasing in demand, which shall cause the price of FCPO to jump up.

Tomorrow, MPOB data shall be released, so I decided not to take any trade in the morning (if there is any signal) and only resume trading once the data is out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi All,
Sorry for not posting this earlier.

I managed to catch the down move trade from 2392 for Feb 13 Contract.
Already Close the position.
For Time being, the Setup is good for SELL. So I'll use the strategy to wait for good to Sell i.e at Resistance or when the Stochastic or MACD or whatever Bear Setup appear on lower timeframe e.g M30 to SELL again.

Happy trading.


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