Thursday, June 25, 2009

KLIA - DXB - 28/6 (0200 hrs)
DXB - Cairo - 28/6
Cairo - DXB - 3/8
DXB - KLIA - 6/8 (0300 hrs)

This post serve as an announcement message, that all blog signal activities will be temporarily put on off-mode until Mid of August 2009. Thanks for coming and supporting my blog.

I got a very good feeling by helping other peoples thru this blog - with so little time to spent for this blog. yossshhhh..Don't you ever feel a good blood rushing thru your heart....a feeling good blood rushing in when u satisfied with what u've done? hehe. Undescribeable but you can feel it.

I am so sorry because i cannot reveal my very own method of taking trade in this blog ( i like to keep it for my face to face mentee). However, i'll pass to you readers from time to time, the intraday technique which i have gone thru and know it will work best for most of you.

Also, i'll put in the post from time to time, other good site that i found along the way in internet world for you to continue learning& enhance your knowledge in Forex and feed your reading habit.

Please don't use this as my promise but as my aim to help other people.
p/s - sorry for bad grammar and lack of good English word.I'm Trying my best to master this language.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just for people who would like to take trade...
this is the chart for you... wait for price to break the triangle yah..
happy trading to all.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I decided to stop trading (June) today.
Enough for me. I want to go to Egypt with fresh mind & happy face

I'll start my journey to Alexandria on 27th June and will come back to Malaysia Insya Allah on 5th August 2009. Then, we will resume this blog operation (trading signal as usual)

Ok June Performance:
Total GU = +930 pips -180 + 100 = +850 pips
Total GY = +825 pips + 115 pips = +940 pips
Total Gold = +3,935 pips
Grand total = +5,725 pips
Alhamdulillah....buleh la sikit sikit.....kumpul jadi bukit.
sorry readers,
I cannot put the update this morning due to internet line down.
what i see (from last night)
try to find the best entry today yah....i've been in trade since last night.
p/s - I'm demoing EU,EY and UY at the moment (it may take about 3-4 month to fwd test and back test)
- sent via email to blogspot

trade updates:
GY - Close manually +115 pips
GU - Close manually +100 pips

Monday, June 22, 2009

Last week Trade:
Last Grand total = +5,140 pips
GU = no trade from last post
GY = +250 pips
Gold = +300 pips

Total GU = 930 + 0 = +930 pips
Total GY = 575 + 250 = +825 pips
Total Gold = 3635 + 300 = +3,935 pips
Grand total = +930+825+3,935 = +5,690 pips

This week trade:
GU = -180 pips
GY = still in trade
Gold = no trade yet
just wait this afternoon yah... (12pm Malaysia time GMT+8)

GY - Sell stop@ 157.50 ;Buy Stop @ 159.00
GU - Sell Stop @ 1.6420 ; Buy Stop @ 1.6510

p/s - move your stop loss to BE at 4 pm if possible and let it ride freely. This is our bonus actually.

trade updates:
GU - hit SL -90 -90 pips = -180 pipsnangih
GY - Sell stop hit (now in play)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Salam and Hi readers,
just a little chat here.

Do you want to learn how to draw TRENDLINE?
please visit this site. It's worth. Trust me. FOC

last week, the price of GU doing what it's call a correction. However, it continues fail to break last high. Whether it will continue south, we shall see.

GY - possibly the head & shoulder pattern is in construction. So be careful before taking any BUY position

Gold -hmmmm i dont have any idea where this metal is heading....

EU,EY,UY - i've no comment

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'll stop the signal temporarily in July until August 16th. I have to go offshore (venue - Alexandria, Egypt) for subsea installation work (Subsea hardware & Umbilical)nangihnangih
Internet access is very limited at offshore. So i think it is better for us not trying to do something with a lot of hurdle in front yeah??

However, we still have about 6 opportunity day this month to trade. Just be careful at the end of the week of half year 2009. Normally, Price goes crazy as many money managers are calculating their profit/loss for 1st half of the year and doing account balancing! So take the opportunity when you are really comfortable with your decision.

Keep learning ye traders!

p/s - Do check from time to time until this month end. After that, rest 1 month, then start trading again in August!
Gold - Buy ?
GY - still in Sell bias
GU - no trade (we found the barrier of 1.62 too tough!)

the pair i did't trade:
EU - Buy ?

happy trading to all.

trade updates:
GY : move to BE+15 pips
Gold : Close at +300 pips
GU : no trade (want to see it break and close below 1.62 to go SELL)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I decided to close all the trade today.
I don't know where the price is heading, so i'll stay aside.

GU = +100 - 70 pips = +30 pips
GY = +110 pips
Gold = +60 - 500 pips = -440 pips

Grand total
GU = + 900 pips + 30 pips = + 930 pips
GY = +465 pips +110 pips = + 575 pips
Gold = +4,075 pips - 440 pips = +3635 pips
Total = 5,140 pips

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hope everybody got it right yesterday. (actually the signal was given in Sunday!)
lets ride it and adding lot!

GU - Sell
GY - Sell
Gold - Sell

My position riding now:
GU - + 130 pips
GY - + 150 pips
Gold - +660 pips
All position moved to BE. I'll try to ride it as much as possible.

I looked into fundamental news and i know why price going down, but i didn't have time to put it here in detail. It is because of central bank decision actually.
We are chartists, so we don't care much about fundamental (aiyahhhh..we don't have so much time to read here and there). We just follow what the candlestick say. Strict MM is a must for us. hehe.

Happy trading to all
trade updates:(10:30pm)
GU - 1 hit TSL (+100 pips) ; 1 post now floating -100 pips
GY - 1 hit TSL (+100 pips) ; 1 hit TSL (+10 pips)
Gold - 1 hit TSL (+60 pips) ; 1 post floating (-400 pips)

Read the news later this day; found the price going up because of unexpected good news on GBP PPI.
never mind guys, the news not on our side and price went up and hit TSL. There re still many more trades in front of us. Cheers!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last week
GU = 150 pips
GY = 280 pips
Gold = 1300 pips

This week :
Gu = +10 pips
GY = +5 pips
Gold = currently +160pips

Grand total
GU = +740 + 150 + 10 = + 900 pips
GY = +180 +280 + 5 = +465 pips
Gold = +2780 + 1300 = +4,075 pips

Thank you Allah. Alhamdulillah.
p/s - the journey continues
Ok guys,

GU - Buy stop @ 1.6445 Sell stop @ 1.6360
GY - Buy stop @ 161.9 Sell stop @ 160.60
Gold - look for Sell

happy trading to all. I'll update the signal performance later. Now get back to work everybody. Ikan Bakar Keramat Time!

Trade update :
Sell Stop hit trailing SL
GU= +10 pips
GY = +5 pips

Let's come out n play.....4hr candle & Daily candle. You got the barrier here (Monday signal). Go for long above that area, Short below that area. The key is...FIND BUY or FIND SELL properly. I've show you how from previous post.

psstt...My wife is trading back now. She's in action after stable from 'bawakan budak', morning sickness etc etc.... I'm Happy for her.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some general knowledge for everybody (it's not a secret actuallygatai)

It's about Money Management.
Base case : In a month, we've got about 20 trading day opportunity
As we go long the trading life, we found and realize that we're not soo good in doing 20 day straight without any losses (some people may have doing it..I don't know). So here where the Money Management come out and play it's role to make us in Profit.

For me, the minimum Money Management that i applied is always using MM of 1:1.5 and above (sometimes 1:2 or 1:3)

lets say my SL is 100 pips, so my TP is at least 150 pips (this is MM of 1:1.5)
if MM 1:2 - SL100;TP200
if MM 1:3 - SL100;TP300

let's see the overall trading life in 1 month by using MM (this is just an example)
Example 1-
Trading day : 20
number of losing days : 10
number of winning days : 10
MM 1: 1.5
soo losing day x 1 : winning day x 1.5 = 10 x 1 : 10 x 1.5 = 10 : 15
so you'll get +5 winning positioncelebrate
to BE, you need about 10/1.5 = 7 trade

Example 2 -
Trading day : 20
number of losing days : 10
number of winning days : 10
MM 1: 2
soo losing day x 1 : winning day x 2 = 10 x 1 : 10 x 2 = 10 : 20
so you'll get +10 winning positioncelebrate
to BE, you need about 10/2 = 5 trade

now you calculate yourself of MM 1:3
Next : I'll show you how to calculate lot per entry...i want to go swimming (rain had stop now)

OK readers,
lets talk about trading strategy today (it's a weekend today and it's raining right i cannot go out and swim in a pool with my son)

The strategy : (1 hour timeframe or what ever time frame you like!)
Indicator :
1. Moving Average - I use 16 EMA (Daily - 1440 minutes)
2. Momentum indicator - it's up to you to chose - either Stochastic / RSI / MACD or what ever.

The Strategy: (for BUY)
1. Moving average Daily give you the direction to go.
Price Above MA - find BUY only
Price Below MA - find SELL only
2. Once you know the BUY only or SELL only, write it onto a piece of paper and stick it beside your monitor
3. Using Momentum indicator (in this example i use stochastic) - find the optimum entry. In this example, when stochastic turning up from 20% area. (if u use RSI, from 30% area).

For Sell (vice versa)

SL : Last swing Low before you decide to enter trade.
TP : at least 1:1 or 1:1.5 (dont forget to move the SL to BE once you achive 1:1 yeeee)

The good of this system :
1. You predetermined whether should go BUY or go SELL.
2. Optimum entry.
3. Small SL perhaps.

The bad:
1. You will not catch near top/bottom.
2. this is small tf trade - TF1hr n below.
3. Most of trader cannot wait for the setup / sleeping when the setup coming etc etc etc...

but it's good for intraday trader. (remember got 10 out of 20 day trading in profit with MM of are in the winner!)
10 day loss x 1 = 10
10 day win x 2 = 20
so your trade is in WIN and you are in Profit! Simple isn't it? (but not so easy in practical for somebody)

Now you know when i say " Look for BUY entry" or " Look for SELL entry"

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Got this free time today
Spent a whole day with my wife and son to Midvalley.

ok guys, here we're.
We saw last Friday, GU unable to break it's last high. However, we don't know what's gonna happen in Monday. psst...we got a MONDAY SIGNAL!

That's how we should treat the market. Respect the market. Don't be a rebel. Just be a follower. It doesn't mean when we become a follower, we cannot make mistake. Mistake do happen, but minimize it as much as possible.

My eyes see like this (but don't follow blindly...wait until Monday market open) -
Gold - Sell
GU - Sell
GY - Sell

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paper Trade To Achieve Success In Your Trading

Posted by Ronald Lee

Trading can be very rewarding and that is the very reason that attracts many who try their luck to find their pot of gold. When you trade in the financial market, you will be competing against many skilled professional traders who have more skill and experience.

To survive in the markets, you need to equip yourself with the necessary skills to enter the markets, if not it will be very hard for you to succeed in trading.

Paper-trading is the only way to develop your trading skills; it allows you to practice without the pressure of competing against others. If you cannot make money in paper-trading, then you will not be profitable trading with real money.

Many said that paper-trading is useless because you will not able to have the psychological emotions that are experienced when trading with real money.

Surprisingly, you may find that paper-trading can create a very similar emotional roller coaster as trading with real money, if only your approach to paper-trading is with the same dedication as the same approach trading with real money.

The deeper psychological and emotional aspects will come in later, after you have developed your trading skills. It is better to sharpen your trading skill first, and then go on to develop your trading psychology.

Those who are impatient with their paper-trading are allowing themselves to be eaten alive by the professionals. Patience is the key to your trading skills and approach. This is time very well spent, as there are no shortcuts to success in trading.

Fighter pilots are required to fly and combat successful in a flight simulation before they are permitted to take an F18 fighter jet for spin. Any mistakes can the loss of lives and money. Paper-trading is the same as a flight simulator; make sure you know how to trade properly before you put your hard-earned money to trade.

Practice until you paper trading account is profitable. Analyze your trading results and make adjustments when necessary until you feel good about your trading. Constantly reevaluate your approach.

If you are already trading with real money and are not profitable trading with, stop trading and go back to paper-trading again. If you can be again profitable paper-trading, then chances are the problem is your psychology and you may need some additional adjustments to uncover your psychological conflicts.

But if are losing money in your paper-trading this time, then you may have just been lucky the first time when you paper-traded and did not paper-trade long enough to experience it.

Your trading approach needs to be adjusted. Until you have a proven trading approach to achieve consistent profit, then you will know that your problem lies in your trading approach or if your problem is merely psychological.

“The idea of perfect closes your mind to new standards.. When you drive hard toward one ideal, you miss opportunities and paths, not to mention hurting your confidence. Believe in your potential and then go out and explore it; don’t limit it.” - John Eliot, Ph.D., Reverse Psychology for Success

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

GU - find BUY ; SL@ 200 pips
GY - no trade

i didn't trade this pair but i suggest
SL @ 150 pips

Happy trading to all

Trade update :
GU : TP hit 150 pips

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the time table is as follows :

Monday Signal : 1300- 1400hr (Malaysia time GMT+8)

Daily signal : 0700-0800hr (Malaysia time GMT+8)
Please convert it to your local time. Daily signal will only be available when i take the trade and confident with the signal (price agree with indicator and candlestick pattern). It does not happen everyday,maybe it come at about 1 or 2 signal per week. But it worth.

Monday signal = 1 signal
Daily signal = 1-2 signal per week.
Total = 2-3 signal per week
Trading Day = 5 day per week

on average, we may have about 1 trade per day! yeay...that's enough for us i think. If it is more..than it is bonus for us.
p/s - If i do not update this blog, it is either i m away to offshore / no internet coverage / loss my password / anything that make me unable to update the blog hehehe

Now, lets go to our daily signal today. Go relaxs bebeh...
Close all position:
GU = +450 pips
Gold = + 2330 pips

Grand total
GU = +290pips + 450 = 740 pips
GY = +180 pips
Gold = + 450 pips + 2330 pips = 2780 pips
Overall = + 3,700 pips


Alhamdulillah, we manage to get the good result as early as possible. Congratulation to people who follow the signal (GU & GY)
Money Management play a big role in your trading. Dont get over 5% of your equity per trade. 1-2% should be best.

it's ok to start with even USD100 ( i recommend to start with USD1k - you want to do serious business isn't it?). You have USD100...maintain 1-2% risk per trade
You have USD10K, do the same...1-2% per trade.

Do you believe...with USD1k, and 1-2% risk per trade, can achieve more than USD100K in 250 winning trade position. All of us know it is impossible to get winning streak up to 250 without loss, but if you get it right 10 times, then loss 1 it again...10 time win, 1 is achievable actually.

Me...sometimes 2-3 loss straight...10 time win....loss again (you can even check at this signal hehe). However, I have set my own target in 5 years time ...syyyyyhhh..Layansss

Monday, June 8, 2009

Buy Stop - 158.12
Sell Stop - 156. 49

Buy Stop - 1.600
Sell Stop - 1.5900

All stop loss should be positioned at the other side of order. TP minimum is 1.5 - 2 x of this range.

Happy trading to all. This breakout will be available only on Monday. Special trade for everybody

trade update:
GY - hit trailing SL (+20 pips)
GU - hit trailing SL (+20 pips)

Grand total
GU - 270+20 = +290pips + 1 open post
GY - 160 + 20 = +180 pips
Gold - 350 + 100 = + 450 pips + 1 open post
Overall = + 920 pips

sorry guys, i'll keep the gold signal for private use & privilege from now on.
GY & GU should be ok for us. Lets rock!

Friday, June 5, 2009

We re in public holiday today (cuti ganti agong)
I just move my SL wherever possible and didnt plan to take any trade since there is PPI & NFP news announcement today. So, better don't put any new trade.

will continue trading in Monday (whether riding the south train or price jump up again and continue to the North - GU & GY)

Good start for this month. Happy trading to all. I Hope all of you will get many benefit from this blog.

Performance Summary
Total pips now = +780 pips
GU = +270 pips
GY = +160 pips
Gold = +350 pips

Thursday, June 4, 2009

GY - Sell - riding free +160 pips; add sell today
GU - Sell - banking + 200pips; add sell today
Gold - Sell (now 375 pips)

happy trading to all.

GU - still riding (now at + 400 pips), closing 1 trade - +270pips
GY - hit trailing SL (total + 160 pips)
Gold - hit trailing SL (+ 350 pips)
Total June as of now = 350+160+270 = + 780 pips

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