Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hi all,
Lets take a look on Gold.
The price has been on steady move to the north since last time hit low of below 1200 this year.
From Harmonic pattern perspective, the bull run may end soon......(just my reading and dreaming hehehe)

For Forex lovers, here we go...the EURUSD

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi guys,
Lets take a look, from Harmonic Pattern Perspective.
on weekly basis -
Potential for Butterfly / Gartley. Target area in the circle before bounce back to become BULL.
However, we need to see the price break the supper support 2220 and close below it first.

We must remember, that when trading in commodities, the price shall not stay at super low for too long or super high for too long due to production cost etc. everything have to be counted.

Trade with cautious. Act fast with fast changing game like this. At the moment, FCPO is not so favourable to Daily tf trader. Me too. I diverted to tf 4hr for better opportunity.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

OK....last friday, big move down from Thursday. about 72 points. Hopefully, you manage to catch it (if not all).

My reading was failed. The price didn't even touch 50% retracement of fibo before resume downtrend. So, i cut my trade earlier (nasib baik je nih), and manage to catch the down move.

Trading Idea:-
1. Above MA8 on Daily Chart - BUY bias. Turn to H1 Chart, trade buy as long as price above MA8 on H1 chart. Out when it moves to other side. As long as Daily Chart price still above MA8, only find signal for BUY on H1 chart.

2. Below MA8 on Daily Chart - SELL bias. Turn to H1 Chart, trade Sell as long as price below MA8 on H1 chart. Out when it moves to other side.As long as Daily Chart price still below MA8, only find signal for SELL on H1 chart.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IPO season coming again in Bursa Malaysia.
for a quick notes, just look at the performance of IPOs counter this year (on its first day listing).
Total cumulative percentage of 10 IPOs this year is 59.29%.

If you are investing i.e RM10,000 on each IPO, your investment may end up to RM15,929.00 by now - using the strategy of selling by end of day 1.(minus brokerage, stamp fee, etc....little bit less than that of course hehe)

So, use your brain wisely, trade with cautious. There are money for everybody on the table. Sikit sikit sorang ok.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hi all,
Sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time.
I post my idea on trading mostly on FB lately. That's why this blog become lonely, day to day.
However, I'll try my best to post it here from time to time.

back to business.
My reading of FCPO - it will go up (resume the trend, after testing 61.8% retracement level). Maybe wrong, maybe right. Trade what we see....


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