Friday, November 29, 2013

These are the counters that came into my screener last night.
Potential boom up...or just a fake one. Who knows?
Fundamentally, DIGI and PADINI are both sound financially good. Not to forget KSL.

Trade on your own risk.

Monday, November 25, 2013

FCPO Outlook;
There are 2 possibilities that came into my mind right now.

1. This is wave 1 of 5 of (5) (Final point in mind is 28xx). Sharp correction i.e zig zag coming to 61.8% + testing RBS point 2601 for the first time before resuming up.

2. This is the final wave i.e wave 5. Correction shall be more severe to down. Current wave shall be wave A. B up to 61.8% and C shall be 5 wave down to previous ending of wave 4.

Lets the market unfold itself.

Without EW, I prefer to use simple SnR break style trading with 1-2 indicator as confirmation. Currently -  all are saying keep on BUY position.

FKLI Outlook;
From EW perspective - FKLI shall continue its down movement to complete final correction wave abc (maybe limited to support line as showing).
From there on, there will be a big bull coming to 2014 (maybe.....who knows exactly isn't it?) - So, I decided to hold on all of my shares in company that I invest for further some more time.
It's all about timing right.......

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hi all,
Looks like that CPO price break the resistance 2632 and close above it today.
Elliot wave wise, we are in the midst of wave 3 (refer picture). Target for wave 3 is 2826.
I'm in Long position from 2566; 2615; 2630. Will try to ride this.

Big resistance (gap) as shown in red rectangle, which I expect to be tested and close by this week or early next week.

Happy trading to all.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

From EW perspective.

From EW perspective....I m still learning
EW is all about pattern formation.

I didnt trade on tf 30,
I trade mainly on tf 4hour or Daily. Yup, I'm talking about trading overnight (bring the trade to the next next day).

I just playing and trying to count on tf 30.
My EW count is not good. People used to call it SESATTTTTT.....

Friday, November 1, 2013

Completion of 5 wave + ending diagonal?
On Weekly, the price surged past neckline for inverted head and shoulder (weekly & daily chart). Potentially, it will reverse to test the neckline (1 time) before resume it original move that is uptrend.

Congratulation to all winners.
Try to identify impulse move that is wave 1,3,5, A & C........patient needed. 
p/s - I still trigger the trade based on my trading strategy. Simple and no headache. Managed to catch the impulse wave. 

I think I'll conduct the coaching session only when I managed to gain multi-million in this futures trading business. Right now......stay silent in blog is better.


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