Monday, February 8, 2016

Let's look onto Crude Chart (zoom out chart)

I guess, it is already oversold.
But market does whatever it wants (based on majority of position)

Lets look what will happen this time.
Fundamentally, Productions are still far over from demand line, thus it will rules the price.

Harga sedap nak produce minyak untuk kebanyakan producer -  USD35/barrel. Lebih dari tu untung la.
Assalamualaikum & Hi everybody.

First - Happy Chinese New Year to all my chinese buddy.

Second -  Lets take a look onto the chart - FCPO (Daily Chart). This is my analysis. Trigger point will be different. Everybody has their own opinion. So I appreciate positive comments.

On Daily chart, we saw that FCPO price already breach the Resistance and reached target of tf30m iHnS. I think, it might going to test the new Support (RBS) before  resume it uptrend.

Daily target for iHnS as in the picture. Maybe correct maybe not. Market participants decide collectively. I just follow the majority. Just try to be an early bird., from the zoom out daily picture above, can you spot how many HnS pattern on the chart?

I'll update from time to time if there is any changes on the chart/market

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Picture #1 is TF Daily of FCPO.

1st signal of 2016 appeared at 2467 (Mac Contract)
The position was cleared at 2411 at the end of trading session 15/1/2016

No new position taken since that (using daily chart).
Latest EOD of 22/1/2016, The chart shows some interesting setup that is inverted head and shoulder pattern on tf30 chart.

On bigger picture, it does show Inside Bar pattern with the candle closing above midpoint of mother candle + moving average shows positive slope. Volume traded also increased.

The guess is on upper side for now. Trade the trend until it bends.

Monday, December 28, 2015

I haven't visit this blog for so long. I seldom post about the trading ideas neither in blog nor in FB. Just doing my own job since 2014 May till today.

Today, coincidentally, I open back this blog and found that this blog has been visited of about 40,000 times since it's starting date. Wow...... I never realize that people around is looking for information - valuable & honest information (Non Bias one).

OK. Long Story Short.
 I'm going to revamp this blog again. Make necessary adjustment and make a comeback in writing world.

I'm also now focusing on my day job (no more engineer....already got M title now hehehe).
For trading - it is already become my 2nd income and I'm doing it part time (using Daily / 4hr Chart). Sorry guys, I didnt trade FX anymore, but more focusing on FCPO & Equity. I also demoing Soy Oil & Crude Oil (Put some real trade when I feel really comfortable of it).

See you in 2016 with more fresh information and ideas!


Friday, April 4, 2014

Hi all,
at the moment, latest signal is as follows;
1. Price at Support
2. Candlestick showing weaknesses to Bear i.e Pin bar / morning star.

Not good sign for sell maybe.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Overall trend - Bullish.
so, just keep your finger on BUY button.
Buy on bullish continuation pattern. Do not enter blindly.

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