Friday, April 1, 2016

Hi all,
Daily Chart wise, immediate support seen at 2648 & resistance in area 2800
At the moment, my chart shows weaknesses which will prevent me from making any new buy for time being. So I'll remain short until it shows otherwise.

To fine tune entry, find the best setup in lower time frame.

Update 4.4.2016
It seems that the price has now making double inside bar, hence no Sell position triggered so far (for me).
Inside bar means consolidation. We need to wait where the price going next. We need to be patient. We need all evidence in place before taking any trade. Heikin ashi candle become Bearish, EMA slope become bearish, MACD bearish. Supported with other evidence such as support & resistance and trendline. Only then we will be confident to take Sell.

At the moment, the signal is mixed.

Update 18.4.2016
Yezza,  it pays when you wait patiently for all evidence to come inline before pulling the trigger.
At the moment, Selling pressure rules.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Assalamualaikum & very good day to all,

TF Weekly analysis - Looks like the reversal pattern revealing itself at this area. Awaiting confirmation by end of today.

TF Daily - Showing weaknesses (Heikin Ashi show black candle). Indicator wise, EMA & MACD still show positiveness (about to turn to bearish).

Therefore, I'll wait for further confirmation on bigger time frame to enter the market.
My plan, to fine tune the trade & lower the SL risk, I'll use multi time frame strategy i.e mapping system

Where to look - Look at SBR/RBS; support and resistance, hidden support/resistance (fibo), trendline
When to trade - when the reversal / continuation pattern appear at lower time frame i.e 1hr or 30minute.

This kind of strategy can be applied to any other commodity product i.e Soy Oil, Crude, Soy meat, Sugar, Coffee, etc.

FX also applicable.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hi all,

I'll let the chart speaks itself.
Bulls kicking in? or another trap for those in Bull camp?
10/3/2016 - MPOB will release monthly data for CPO (inventory of export/import, stockpiles)
Hopefully, the data will support the chart.

On the chart - MACD, EMA & Heikin Ashi candle.

UPDATE 21/3/2016

Looks like the price has reached it's next resistance area. I want to see whether what kind of price action that will appear here. Either reversal or breakout of resistance. If the later, I'll wait for 1st test and entry on reversal.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lets see whether it can goes as forecast.

Lets see where the FCPO price will be heading this week (22-26 Feb 2016)
From my analysis, the probability is to pullback to the previously resistance that has become support.
Please do your own analysis before taking any position.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Assalamualaikum and Good Day everybody.

1. 15.2.2016 - Last day for April Contract FCPO. Next active contract month is May.
2. ITS reported that export for 1-15 Feb 2016 was down by (16.11%) compared to 1-15 Jan 2016.
3. SGS reported that export for 1-15 Feb 2016 was down (14.16%)

OK. Finisih with fundamental. Lets look to the chart. What does it trying to tell us.

Zooming out, my reading of inverted Head & Shoulder still intact. However, Price is stuck at current resistance and pull back to previously RBS.

When we look into smaller scale - we can see the candle shows engulfing pattern, which is sign of reversal.

OK. That's it. Let's go hunting - on your preferred time frame.



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