Personal Coaching

I decided to conduct Personal Coaching for those who interested in Trading Futures/FX/ Stocks.

I'll share the method I use in approaching the market on part time basis (not glued in front of PC/Laptop). Suitable for those who want to get 2nd income on part time basis.

1 year long coaching duration + trade setup alert = RM5,000 fee. By end of year long coaching, if you are not happy with the performance, money back guarantee (T&C applied)

How to join - I'll let you know later. email/telegram/whatsapp detail.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hi All,
This is latest update on FCPO.
Potentially, there will be more downward movement before resume trending up. I might be wrong. Market is always right. See the market and act accordingly ye.

Last week - on tf30 - We have 4 trades - 4 win
if on tf10 - 13 trades - 5 wins, 8 losses.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Assalamualaikum & very good day fellas,

Last week trading was not so encouraging as price turned back from its high and went down to 2547 before settling at 2594 for November market.

For those who buy on dips, there was 1 valid entry (on the last day of last week). for buy on breakout - nil.

Lets take a look on potential trade this week.
For me, with new contract (DEC16) coming into continuous chart, it will be little bit tricky on Monday. Let it settle down, and start trade again. My tf of choice is TF30 & Daily. Why? Because I'm part time trader and I don't have much time to glue in front of lappy / pc.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

At the moment - I didn't follow Crude Oil & Soy Oil too close due to restriction of my time at night (teaching my kids on their study & homeworks; playing with my other 2 kids which are below 5years old).

However, let's take a glance on what the chart trying to tell us.

This is crude chart.As we can see, it did breaks the last defense of bear sometime in August and test the fibo 61%. Currently, we see the engulfing bear candle appears last Friday. 50-50.
My long as 61% holds, I want to find BUY Opportunity.

Soy Oil - same pattern as Crude Oil. Last defense of Bear had been broken. (Demand >Supply).
Right now, price is in consolidation. Let's see if the price could move higher to FE 100% or more.

Soy Oil & FCPO travel on the same path. One goes up, the other one will follows. Vice versa.

OK that's all from me.


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