Saturday, April 28, 2012

These pictures were copied from Zamsaham fb without obtaining their permission ;p (Jgn Marah Cikgu).
In Overall, I feel satisfied with the course given. Although I already know of all the indicators that he mentioned, but I still learn something. There are always something new to us when we open up our minds and willing to listen and absorb.

En Norizam really thought us on how to control 'EMOTIONS' - the biggest enemy for traders (especially online traders.

Apart from it, I also got new friends from the klinik. Happy.

My rating to this klinik - 8.5 / 10.
Outlook for FCPO next week -
Weekly candle - Hammer at bottom
Daily Candle - 3 Bull candle in a row (but not too strong), ascending triangle.
Price still above Moving average 50
I'll maintain to call 'BUY' trade only for time being.

Result trading;
Alhamdulillah, until this date;
6 Win - 1 loss = make small profit.
Hopefully it will continue again and again. I only aim small per trade. 15-20 pips per trade. RM25 per pips.
Gold Weekly Chart

Oil Weekly Chart
Hi all,
this is my personal opinion on Oil and Gold price - where they are heading.
Looking at the weekly chart, both of Oil and Gold showed positive sign i.e Bull candle and made higher high than previous week.

On indicator, the price had broke trendline (for oil) but for Gold, the triangle pattern shall end soon.
Trigger indicator also showed positive sign (blue sign, above 0).

Hopefully, the price will goes higher next week.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I managed to attend 1 out of 2 course on commodities last week. Failed to turn up on Saturday due to work commitment, but managed to go on Sunday.

So, here are the summary from the course I attended. He (The Trainer) said/claimed
1. 80-85% of your success laid on what you do/study during off trading hour. Write what you see. Determine the trend during off-hour.
2. 14% - by your technical analysis during trading hour. Trade what you had plan (on item no.1). If you study and found the trend is UPTREND, then you should only try to find an opportunity/ entry for LONG only. vice versa for SHORT.
3. 1% is for fundamental analysis. because PRICE DISCOUNT EVERYTHING.....I think what he said is logic. Before a news break, every party who read the news first had go into the market and put their position.....

understand? attend the seminar yourself to get better picture...shall be continue...

Our expectation, the price shall try to break 3500.xx again. Otherwise, continue falling down to next support area....(see the chart)

My Result so far;
4 trade - 3 Win, 1 loss.
now in a position....this week, whether it shall become 4-1 or 3-2....lets pray for 4-1....
Hi all,
GOLD is currently sitting on the MAJOR trendline...
with the harami sign show itself- it shows us that the majority of traders is very cautious and waiting for break-out move.
My guess....GOLD price coming down (below purple trendline)...1600.xx this week maybe?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hi all,
As a totally newbie in FCPO world, I need a teacher/ mentor / buddy.
I decided to register myself into two courses that shall be conducted on the following date;
1. Introduction of commodities market by OSK - 21/4/2012 (venue: OSK jalan Ampang) Fee: FREE as I'm their Client
2. Bengkel FCPO by ZamSaham  - 22/4/2012 (venue: PWTC) Fee: RM390.00

I need to develop new friend list in FCPO. A buddy to discuss, to talk on FCPO. Also for some hints / tips on the market ;p.

I've to admit that with the limited knowledge that I have right now in FCPO, I need to gain other people experience who had involved in this industry with success to accelerate my learning curve. So I decided to pay for that experience by attending their course. Hope I can achieve my objective.
1. Built Network with other participants.
2. Learn as much as possible from otai otai FCPO during the course.
3. Get access to 'close' fb group of zamsaham - as a trainee, i'll gain the access.
4. Cit Cat on Saturday / Sunday.

Yes, I'll not reveal my nick name : bujal38. Shall use my real name instead.
this was my 3rd trade for FCPO.
So far, alhamdulillah, 3 trades. Result 3 Win 0 lost.
This time around, with more confident level to trigger BUY or SELL after understood the OSK web trade button function.

Oh, market is close for CPO on 11/4/2012 since it was announced as public holiday due to Pertabalan Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

Gold market - the trend line holding nicely. Now, the gold price inch higher and higher.
Oil - Moving down.
Conclusion : ?????? something not really right here.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oil price going down? below 100.xx mark again? we shall see.

Gold price is now testing major trendline, which started from 2008 (very strong support). Breaking this line, we will be heading to next fan line i.e 50% fibo fan line. Lets see what will happen next week.

My side : I think the down-move is just begin (for price correnction). However, the 7-8 years economic cycle is far away from finish. It is now on the 4th year. So don't expect the price shall trending down drastically.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Actually, this is my 1st trade (clicking myself using OSK webtrade). Quite nervous since I didn't really familiar with the web features.

Oh terkenang....kan ke senang kalau features CPO web trade ni macam MT4....

Win 1 point but lost to fbr commission.
Lesson learn for me : Dont trade and take profit 1 point only. At least 2 point. 2p x RM25 = RM50. Broker commission = RM30. You'll get RM20. 
Not fair isn't it? Welcome to World. Nothing is fair enough. Accept it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

My personal view on Oil - The immediate trend for next week is Down trend. shall see whether it is going down or move the other side.

These are Gold chart (daily and weekly).
On daily chart, gold price had tried to penetrate support several time but failed. As a result, with some buying in the market, the price inch up and now trying to test 1700.xx again. We shall see what will happen this week.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

hi all,
ok..this is my 1st statement showing my 1st ever trade in FCPO.
although the trade taken was 'counter trend', but i still managed to lock some profit.
Took Sell position at 3455; closed at 3442 for 13 points.
Not bad for beginners like me in FCPO.

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