Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hi all,
As per my technical reading last week, CPO show his momentum to go up. With some pause to market due to Christmas holiday, CPO gained momentum on Thursday and Friday.

Congratulation to all the winner. End of Year Bonus.
Next week, There is no evidence for Sell yet (on Daily and Weekly chart). So, I'll only trade on any possible retracement. Patient is the name of the game. ;p
Potential resistance 2500; 2550; 2600....

Happy New Year and Happy Trading.
 Trade at your own risk.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Hi all,
I think the sign of BUY is very strong now, with divergence in most of the indicators, etc.... I may want to look for BUY button for CPO next week.

Soy Oil will be on holiday for 24,25 until 26 evening. So CPO will walk on its own path next week.
I'll find BUY whenever the signal appear.

Trade at your own risk. Happy trading.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi all,
Weekly Chart analysis - Candle - Morning Star? Pattern - Tripple bottom (2230-2200); MACD histogram show improvement for BUY

Daily Chart analysis - Candle - Engulfing Bull; tripple bottom? Most Indicators (oscillators type) showing that it is time to BUY?

I'll look for BUY opportunity at lower timeframe, if it appeared and there's no significant SELL signal on Daily tf.

Happy trading. TAYOR.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hi all,
at the moment, there is still no sign that CPO price will go up (referring to all the indicators) although seasonally, this quarter is usually a BULL market for CPO - considering weather and output from the estate.

I trade SELL with very cautious, in case market data show decreasing in stock and increasing in demand, which shall cause the price of FCPO to jump up.

Tomorrow, MPOB data shall be released, so I decided not to take any trade in the morning (if there is any signal) and only resume trading once the data is out.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hi All,
Sorry for not posting this earlier.

I managed to catch the down move trade from 2392 for Feb 13 Contract.
Already Close the position.
For Time being, the Setup is good for SELL. So I'll use the strategy to wait for good to Sell i.e at Resistance or when the Stochastic or MACD or whatever Bear Setup appear on lower timeframe e.g M30 to SELL again.

Happy trading.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hi all,
as per my previous post.
So We are concentrating on BUY button from now on.
Line of exit - 2330 for now.
Happy trading.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi all,
As I write this, CPO market close at 2318 at 1800hrs.
On Soy Oil, it keeps tumbling until 48.00 region, So we can expect gap down tomorrow ( If Soy oil didn't create any suprise by going up before 1030hrs).

If the opening price shows gap down, It is a 3rd gap down for November...
The potential for bounce back is high there. Just be careful when taking any position this week.
With News on Palm oil inventories + export data....I think it is just another coincidence for the price to bounce back to 2300-2500 area, and continue back to BULL unfavorable weather already limits our farmers from bringing out fresh fruits from palm oil estates.

Just watch out how FCPO reacts to all of these impact - Festival season (Cristhmas, CNY) ; Monsoon Season (limited supply, high demand) ; higher export.

All of this issue shall be reflected into chart -  We shall see it in form of Bullish reversal pattern....
I might be wrong, I may be right. So trade what you see at your own chart monitor ye....

Happy trading to all.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi all,
as I wrote this, The Market has plunged about 100pts from last Friday closing (2496 - Jan Contract)
At the moment, no sign of BUY yet. I'll be very careful to take any SELL signal, since I see in the Buletin Utama the bad weather has coming and floods all over the plantation states. Flood means no output from the estate. No fresh fruits means no supply to refinery. How can we meet demand when we cannot supply?

So, just be careful when taking any buy position. I don't think we will see 2200 region again this year. Just be Careful. I might be right, I might be wrong. Trade your own plan. and SL in place. Peace.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

See This Chart First....
Do you see what I see? The Red Line is start of May and the Blue line is start of October.
Yes. FCPO.
I'll Continue later on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy trading...
Maybe I'll pump some money to trade SOY OIL too....
Trade FCPO 1030-1800hrs, then continue with SOY OIL 2000hrs-0030hrs, then sleep....
Lets see whether I can make it or not....Target 30; SL 30....
1 points equal to USD 1

For Me,
BUY bias....maybe true, maybe not....
I cannot control the market....I follow them...

Friday, October 19, 2012

So, what is the underlying strategy?
1. Trigger Point
2. Inside Bar / Engulfing Bar 
3. 3 inside up/down / 3 upside up/down.
4. Trendline.

Happy trying. I also in paper mode for SOY OIL. But I believe this is very promising (Little bit easy compared to Crude Oil)....
In MY PERSONAL opinion...crude oil is a little bit tricky.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I just started testing my trading plan on the soy oil chart and it seem very promising. To get 20-30 pts per day is achievable (same goes to lose it out hehe).

Just take a look at the picture I post here......Not bad eh.....
however, at the moment, all of my capital is in FCPO market.
My capital means the money that I can use for trading and will not disturbed my day to day/monthly expenses / budget.

Hope you can get something from this post....happy learning.

Potential Re-test 2230 area?
Signal that appeared;
1. Hangging man
2. Inside bar
3. Rebound from fibo line.
4. Closing below MA line (short term MA)

update 19/10/2012...
Price is now testing 2520 third time. Maybe the price shall penetrate it as Soy Oil had been on uptrend for the past 3 days....
Let see what will happen.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Potential SELL signal (Engulfing Bear + built up volume?)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hi all,
Looking at the Gold Chart, we will see the BULL is conquering the market right now. Because of what? - There are rumors flying around that Federal Reserve US is going to launch next cycle of QE. Just because of that...the Gold price move up like no limit.

My personal opinion, the gold price is due for correction.
Ok traders, here you are....the result so far for GOLD.....from January-August 2012. Simple strategy - using Candlestick + Trigger indicator.
Jan - 4 Win 2 Loss
Feb - 3 Win 4 Loss
Mac - 5 Win 2 Loss
April - 4 Win 0 Loss
May - 4 Win 1 Loss
Jun - 2 Win 1 Loss
July - 4 Win 2 Loss
August (so far) - 3 Win 0 loss
Total (so far) - 29 Win 12 Loss : Percentage : 70.7% win. Use Risk : Reward : 1:2

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Friday, the chart shows exhaustion gap, and ends up positively.
Currently, price is at 2850-2890 area....well bellow 2900 area( previously very strong support).
Once we see the Bullish signal above 2900 area, we might want to enter BUY @ LONG again.
Let see whether the price can close above MA 7 on daily chart or not....
Come out & Play Guys..... Cari duit Raya next week....
My Target next week....50 points....

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hi all,
OK, I'm back to the blog space.
For the last 3 weeks, I'd been at offshore, doing pipeline installation works.
Now I got some offshore leave.
What else to do? Trading, Helping wife at home, playing with kids....
hmmm...seem very simple life yah?...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi all,
Gold and Oil outlook for next week - potential to go up further as it indicator and candle showing higher low...shall see what happen next, as on fundamental side, many people talks about slowing down economy etc. But, don't care about that. Price discount everything in the chart.

Happy trading to all.

Hi all,
Last week candle shows BEAR engulfing with long bottom tail.
On the daily chart, Bullish engulfing appeared last Friday.
so, which way to go? here is my answer....
If you trade on Daily Chart.... you should follow the direction on Daily Chart. Believe in what you have learned and applied it on the chosen time-frame . Same goes to Weekly chart.
Trying to trade multi-time frame.....look at Weekly  - trigger on 1hr. or look at daily, trigger on 5/15minutes (If you are daytrader and babysit your trade in front of PC)

Me - I use dailf tf chart, so I treat my trade and pull the trigger when 4 out of 5 of my criteria to trigger trade appeared.

Pray for our success....Doa sama sama, jangan doakan keburukan ke atas rakan rakan. Doakan kebaikan...tempiasnya kepada kita jua....amin.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

As we see, last week Gold and Oil gave back what it gained on Monday & Tuesday,
MAYBE...the bear movement shall continue for next week (coupled with string of bad news from Euro & US)....
Let see what happen.
Trade at Your Own Risk.
Daily Chart

Weekly Chart
Hi all FCPO traders,
hopefully all of you managed to catch the BULL move last week. Anda kaya & berjaya!

Trading outlook for next week.
On Weekly Candle - V shape appeared,however still below my flexi support & resistance i.e MA 26.
On Daily Chart - Double top appeared last thursday & friday (see chart). Break that resistance, we might see price moving up and up. Otherwise, we shall see BEAR camp coming back to market.
However, please do not panic. Trade based on your own trading plan and system. Free up your mind. May the Momentum be on your side.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gold is making Higher Low and Same High.
I expect the High shall be breach soon.
shall see what happen.
Dont forget your stop loss ya!

The outlook for next week-
still no sign of Bull coming in. We never know. But for now....stay with the Bear....
happy trading to all.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Daily Chart

Weekly Chart
Hi all, FCPO traders,
hopefully, all of you are in good health and become richer day by day. Anda Kaya dan Berjaya!

Ok...back to business.
On weekly chart, FCPO chart shows us 'hammer' pattern...
For the BULL to kick in, confirmation candle required after the hammer. We want the price move and close higher than the 'hammer' candle, for us to call the BULL coming back to market.

On Daily chart,
we saw that MACD and PSAR has show BULL / BUY signal.
I managed to get some profit since last friday (the last day of my assignment in Kota Kinabalu).

Happy trading to all. I guess this week is a deciding week...whether the BULL get in or the BEAR still interested to be in play. Let see. (Me.....looking for BUY for time being).

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gold Outlook - It's breaching the support and get in back with strong Engulfing candle on daily chart. So I go for BUY position. But I think this is temporary and the price shall trying another low (until US election is over)

Oil Outlook - still Bear.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Daily Chart FCPO

Weekly Chart
Salam and Hi to all FCPO traders,
With more and more bad news coming from Europe and US, we shall see market going down further and further.
On Chart (Daily),FCPO price has arrived at support of 3037 and rebound from there. However, it is not a sign of BULL kicking in. We shall wait for the confirmation (bull pattern)

I'll not trading next week as I need to travel to Labuan and Kota Kinabalu (Work related).
Happy trading to all.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hi all,
Now, let's look into Gold and Oil forecast for next week.
Gold - shall test the support (major support). Breaking the support line, we will see Gold going down further. With the bad news coming and keep coming, I guess, a lot of investors outside there now turning to USD as their safe heaven (WTF!).

Oil - shall going further south? we shall see. With OPEC intervention, Oil price shall be stabilize again.
p/s - don't you see on weekly graph, Oil price is very likely to have a long shadow (upper and lower).

happy trading to all. muahsss...
Hi all,
hopefully all of FCPO retail trader had gained profit last week, riding the BEAR market.
FCPO price movement last week was 123 point (high-low).
I managed to gained around 60 point last week. Alhamdulillah.
so far, the my trading result for FCPO is 10 Win 2 Loss. Doakan kejayaanku. Amin.

Next Week, what we want to do is to continue looking for SELL/SHORT set-up (if available). The Bull is resting now.

What I observed up to today (after about 2 month trading FCPO)
1. FCPO volume indicator is quite reliable as it shows total volume for the FCPO market, which is based in Malaysia - not like in MT4, where it is based on broker.

2. Any global news shall give impact to the market (because Malaysia exporting the palm oil to other countries, any bad news from other parts of the world shall gave impact to the exports).

Ok. Enough for now. Happy trading and aim for profit.
Don't forget to donate 1point of your profit from each trading to those need it most. 1point = RM25.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hi FCPO traders,
Looking at the candle pattern (Weekly) - there was hammer pattern formed last 2 week, followed by confirmation candle last week.

On Daily Chart, the candle has breach 50SMA line.
My advice to myself. Please find SELL opportunity for the time being.
Sell on the pullback to the fibonacci retracement area.
till then, happy trading to all.

Hi traders,
some update on Gold & Oil forecasting.
Gold - Weekly chart showing BEAR candle. However, the price is still in sideway. We want it to break the trendline before we go together with its flow. So, guess...which direction the price going to go next week....

Oil - Big BEAR candle eat up all previous few weeks price gain...we may want to enter on the retracement point from the big candle....North or South.... I go for SOUTH this time.

Hi traders,
some update on Gold & Oil forecasting.
Gold - Weekly chart showing BEAR candle. However, the price is still in sideway. We want it to break the trendline before we go together with its flow. So, guess...which direction the price going to go next week....

Oil - Big BEAR candle eat up all previous few weeks price gain...we may want to enter on the retracement point from the big candle....North or South.... I go for SOUTH this time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

immediate trend - turning from BULL to BEAR.
immediate resistance - 3505
immediate support - 3458.
Price yesterday break support. Now at 3452.

Shall see whether the price can move down further. TAYOR

Saturday, April 28, 2012

These pictures were copied from Zamsaham fb without obtaining their permission ;p (Jgn Marah Cikgu).
In Overall, I feel satisfied with the course given. Although I already know of all the indicators that he mentioned, but I still learn something. There are always something new to us when we open up our minds and willing to listen and absorb.

En Norizam really thought us on how to control 'EMOTIONS' - the biggest enemy for traders (especially online traders.

Apart from it, I also got new friends from the klinik. Happy.

My rating to this klinik - 8.5 / 10.
Outlook for FCPO next week -
Weekly candle - Hammer at bottom
Daily Candle - 3 Bull candle in a row (but not too strong), ascending triangle.
Price still above Moving average 50
I'll maintain to call 'BUY' trade only for time being.

Result trading;
Alhamdulillah, until this date;
6 Win - 1 loss = make small profit.
Hopefully it will continue again and again. I only aim small per trade. 15-20 pips per trade. RM25 per pips.

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