Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi all,
Gold and Oil outlook for next week - potential to go up further as it indicator and candle showing higher low...shall see what happen next, as on fundamental side, many people talks about slowing down economy etc. But, don't care about that. Price discount everything in the chart.

Happy trading to all.

Hi all,
Last week candle shows BEAR engulfing with long bottom tail.
On the daily chart, Bullish engulfing appeared last Friday.
so, which way to go? here is my answer....
If you trade on Daily Chart.... you should follow the direction on Daily Chart. Believe in what you have learned and applied it on the chosen time-frame . Same goes to Weekly chart.
Trying to trade multi-time frame.....look at Weekly  - trigger on 1hr. or look at daily, trigger on 5/15minutes (If you are daytrader and babysit your trade in front of PC)

Me - I use dailf tf chart, so I treat my trade and pull the trigger when 4 out of 5 of my criteria to trigger trade appeared.

Pray for our success....Doa sama sama, jangan doakan keburukan ke atas rakan rakan. Doakan kebaikan...tempiasnya kepada kita jua....amin.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

As we see, last week Gold and Oil gave back what it gained on Monday & Tuesday,
MAYBE...the bear movement shall continue for next week (coupled with string of bad news from Euro & US)....
Let see what happen.
Trade at Your Own Risk.
Daily Chart

Weekly Chart
Hi all FCPO traders,
hopefully all of you managed to catch the BULL move last week. Anda kaya & berjaya!

Trading outlook for next week.
On Weekly Candle - V shape appeared,however still below my flexi support & resistance i.e MA 26.
On Daily Chart - Double top appeared last thursday & friday (see chart). Break that resistance, we might see price moving up and up. Otherwise, we shall see BEAR camp coming back to market.
However, please do not panic. Trade based on your own trading plan and system. Free up your mind. May the Momentum be on your side.

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