Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hi all,
It seem that I'm very unproductive in posting in this blog lately. Not because I'm lazy, but I just didn't know what to post here if there is no entry or signal from my eyes.

Ok, lets see the FCPO market ending 24/1/2014.
The pattern that I see know-
1. Candlestick - Inside Bar
2. MACD - showing positiveness.
3. Trend - Sideways within short term downtrend channel. on bigger channel, we're still in uptrend channel.

I'm more towards BUY or LONG by looking into the chart. What about you ?
Happy trading. Trade on your own risk (TAYOR).

I'm using 4hr chart and Daily chart as my trigger entry. I'm happy if I can get 20-50 trades per year with 70-80% success. It becomes my 2nd income, to add into my day to day job salary as Engineer in Oil & Gas. No need to rush, no need to monitor the market whole day. What I need is a few minutes a day to analyse the market at night or early morning and decide whether there is setup for me, where is the entry points, where is my stop loss point.


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