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Berminat untuk belajar Teknikal Analisis khusus untuk FCPO / Komoditi ?
Saya ada menawarkan perkhidmatan pembelajaran secara PERSONAL COACH.
Proses pembelajaran akan mengambil masa selama 1 tahun, meliputi perjumpaan secara berdepan (face 2 face), tunjuk ajar secara online, trading bersama sama, dan sesi ujian.
Jika anda berminat, hantarkan:
1. Nama
2. Umur
3. Pengalaman trading
4. Dah buka akaun futures ke belum?
5. Ada modal untuk mula berniaga - minimum RM15k?
6. Nombor HP.
7. Email contact

hantar butiran ini ke : / whatsapp to: 012-326-3412

Yuran Pembelajaran - 1 tahun - RM 7 x 365 hari. Yup kurang daripada RM10 sehari.

Bilangan pelajar dalam 1 tahun pun tidak akan lebih daripada 15 orang supaya saya boleh fokus mendidik - skill dan emosi pelajar menghadapi dunia trading.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Hi all,
as per my previous post.
So We are concentrating on BUY button from now on.
Line of exit - 2330 for now.
Happy trading.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hi all,
As I write this, CPO market close at 2318 at 1800hrs.
On Soy Oil, it keeps tumbling until 48.00 region, So we can expect gap down tomorrow ( If Soy oil didn't create any suprise by going up before 1030hrs).

If the opening price shows gap down, It is a 3rd gap down for November...
The potential for bounce back is high there. Just be careful when taking any position this week.
With News on Palm oil inventories + export data....I think it is just another coincidence for the price to bounce back to 2300-2500 area, and continue back to BULL unfavorable weather already limits our farmers from bringing out fresh fruits from palm oil estates.

Just watch out how FCPO reacts to all of these impact - Festival season (Cristhmas, CNY) ; Monsoon Season (limited supply, high demand) ; higher export.

All of this issue shall be reflected into chart -  We shall see it in form of Bullish reversal pattern....
I might be wrong, I may be right. So trade what you see at your own chart monitor ye....

Happy trading to all.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hi all,
as I wrote this, The Market has plunged about 100pts from last Friday closing (2496 - Jan Contract)
At the moment, no sign of BUY yet. I'll be very careful to take any SELL signal, since I see in the Buletin Utama the bad weather has coming and floods all over the plantation states. Flood means no output from the estate. No fresh fruits means no supply to refinery. How can we meet demand when we cannot supply?

So, just be careful when taking any buy position. I don't think we will see 2200 region again this year. Just be Careful. I might be right, I might be wrong. Trade your own plan. and SL in place. Peace.

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