Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll be going to Johor Bharu next month starting from 1st May to 15th - On job/business purposes.

I m taking SELL trade for YEN pair.
Selling the basket (6pair)


p/s- last night hitting SL with Gold. Gold may see new higher since they breached the resistance last night.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Seem that everything is going south this week, so take precaution when you going to hit BUY button

Mode is SELL this week.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

valid for 1 day from today (unless the price reverse) - look into your own chart & candle pattern.


SL & TP at your own discretion.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hi eveyone,
Some updates on trading strategy.
Today we will talk about scalping! :>
Although I'm not a scalper, but this trading idea has caught my attention and to look further into it.

It is called Forex King Scalper - You can find the discussion here (sorry, it is in Bahasa Malaysia) - for those who didnt understand it, you can always translate it via Google.

Happy trading to all.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's been about several weeks ago since I last post notes here. It's nothing to do with I become lazy to update the blog. It is just because i didn't take any single trade until now.

So what do I do? (Install Offshore Jacket).

OK, back to trading discussion.
As a candlestick traders, I continue my studies by reading in internet- idea and strategies being used by other traders around the world. I have to admit that I do influenced by Niall Fuller style in looking the candlestick pattern. Other's, I do use 4-5 type of candlestick pattern for my trading decision maker. At first, it may be difficult to remember the name and the pattern but trust me, along the way, it will stuck in your mind.

Lately, I'm reading The fibonacci style trading written down in the forum by Bond. His master is Fising (1 of the legend in FF). Although I m not a fibonacci traders, but their thought on fibo sequence and ratio has open up my mind into other level (i ke??) You can find the thread here

2 or 3 days ago, Mr Lukpayat (Mizie) granted me his permission for sharing my thought and observation on 3000pips trading style(using his FOC indi/script of course). It is quite easy but little bit hard to explain. Training is mandatory. Success result is about 60-70%. I'll try find suitable/free time to write it down and post it here and in the forum. For time being, personal coach/group discussion is not available (i just dont have time for that lol)

I'll continue giving signal from time to time when I came back to shore yah.
Thank you for your support.

To my affiliates, please email me (bujal38 (at) your detail:
1. Name:
2. HP number
3. Account Number (Insta account)
4. Total Deposit into account:

We will have some gathering soon - Live trading maybe???? jeng jeng jeng....


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